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Is hotels/resorts a good career path?

Is hotels/resorts a good career path?

Is hotels/resorts a good career path? : Yes, hotels/resorts is a good career path. Jobs in the hotel and resorts industry, including motels or other lodging establishments like bed and breakfast retreats, are an important component of the hospitality industry. Depending on your skills and interests, there are a variety of career paths to pursue in this field.

Is hotels/resorts a good career path?

The hospitality industry is well-known for the various career advancement opportunities it provides. This is a great career path to pursue if you’re not interested in secondary education but wish to work your way up to a management position. This can also be an ideal part-time career for someone who is still in school.

Here are 12 great jobs in hotels/resorts:

  1. Chef Concierge Jobs
  2. Guest Relations Manager Jobs
  3. Resort Manager Jobs
  4. Maître D’ Jobs
  5. Conference Concierge Jobs
  6. Accounting Clerk Jobs
  7. Activities Attendant Jobs
  8. Audio Visual Technician Jobs
  9. Bar Back Jobs
  10. Mini Bar Attendant Jobs
  11. Parking Attendant Jobs
  12. Fitness Attendant Jobs


If you’re looking to make a career in hospitality and are looking to get paid well for it, you’ll need some experience, training, and relevant education. Attending college and pursuing a degree in hospitality management is your best bet to landing one of these high-paying jobs; however, many can be accessible if you work your way up from entry-level.

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Here are seven of the best-paying jobs in the hotel/resorts industry.

  1. Chef Concierge

    Average Annual Salary: $43,000

    Chef concierge is responsible for providing customer service to hotel guests. Their responsibilities can vary from setting up scavenger hunts, arranging weddings, getting highly sought-after concert tickets, and more. The chef concierge essentially provides guests with whatever their hearts desire. It’s the job of the chef concierge to know everything about their guests before they arrive. the chef concierge is the person who sets up tours, hires car services, and rents bikes or boats. They may send flowers to a room celebrating their birthday or anniversary or coloring books or toys to parties with children.

  2. Hotel Controller

    Average Annual Salary: N/A

    A hotel controller is responsible for the management and oversight of storeroom inventory, as well as accurate reporting of said inventory data. They are responsible for auditing invoices and completing requisitions of incoming and outgoing products to and from the main storeroom.

    He/she is essentially a financial manager who specializes in hospitality. They oversee the accounts department operations, budgets, and cash flow analysis and may work for a single hotel or a chain of hotels. These individuals typically report to the hotel’s board of directors and CEO and must provide financial reports to them.

  3. Guest Relations Manager

    Average Annual Salary: $53,000

    The guest relations manager is an individual who is responsible for customer satisfaction. They are responsible for training new and current employees, handling any customer requests or complaints, and performing other management and administrative duties as required.

    A guest relations manager must excel in customer service and be able to always put the customer first, no matter the situation. This career requires plenty of experience in customer service, specifically in hospitality. This job can require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality as well as excellent leadership skills.

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  4. Resort Manager

    Average Annual Salary: $39,000

    Resort managers are individuals that work at a place of lodging or resort location where they manage all business aspects. This can include hiring and training staff, ordering inventory, marketing, advertising, maintaining a hotel budget, excelling in customer service, along with meeting guests’ needs.

    Resort managers are responsible for overseeing all of the departments that make a resort function, including housekeeping, food and beverage, maintenance, attractions, and guest services. Responsibilities may vary depending on how large the resort is but may also include employee training, hiring contractors, paying bills, and more.

  5. Maître D’

    Average Annual Salary: $31,000

    A Maître d’ is an individual who works in food service, whether it be in a restaurant, hotel, resort, cruise ship, or other areas of hospitality. These individuals are responsible for greeting customers or guests as they enter food establishments, booking reservations, and providing information to potential patrons.

    A maître d’ may also be responsible for the ambiance and aesthetic of a restaurant, meaning they control temperature, music, and lighting. A maître d’ can also be referred to as the head waiter, as they are in charge of all servers on staff and may be responsible for maintaining serving efficiency.

  6. Hospitality Director

    Average Annual Salary: N/A

    Hospitality directors are responsible for hospitality to the guests of a hotel. They can also work at resorts, restaurants, sports stadiums, event venues, and more. Hospitality directors are responsible for ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests, including the quality of food and beverage services.

    Hospitality directors can also be responsible for arranging catering for special events like work events or weddings. They’ll often work with clients to customize their experiences and events, depending on their needs. They may also work with a sales team to attract new clients to the hotel or resort.

  7. Conference Concierge

    Average Annual Salary: $36,000

    Conference concierges are individuals who provide a personalized experience to clients who are visiting their hotel or event location for a professional conference or business meeting. This may include everything from recommending local dining options to entertainment venues and directing guests around the hotel.

    Conference concierges work closely with event planners to help them plan events, prepare speakers, and prepare rooms within the hotel. Conference concierge individuals must bring excellent customer service skills as well as organizational and communication skills, which are essential for this role.

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